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Your magnificent mountain views have been blocked by a neighbor’s hedge. Your exhilarating ocean views have been taken by trees. You’re considering a claim against your neighbor to get your gorgeous views back, but you would prefer to avoid an ugly, drawn-out battle, and want to reach out to your neighbor in a friendly way to try to resolve the problem nicely.

Here’s what you do first.

Many cities, homeowner’s associations and community interest developments have view protection ordinances and regulations. They can be difficult to find, though. That’s why we’ve provided you with links to the ordinances, tree management policies and view protection restrictions that apply.

You may also want to download both CFP ViewLawtm’s free Report: 5 High-Impact Steps to View Restoration Success and free form letter that you might use to contact your neighbor in a clear and respectful manner.

By using these free resources, you’ll at least know you’ve put your best foot forward as you attempt to restore your lost view.

Will sending such a letter immediately end your conflict? Maybe not. These disputes can be legally and emotionally complicated. You may still need some expert advice.  If so, we’ll welcome your call and help in any way that we can.

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Sample: Neighborly Request for Tree Trimming