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When buying high-end real estate, people pay a high premium for beautiful vistas – of the ocean, mountains, city, lake or other scenic beauty. But if a property owner loses that view to an obstruction like new tree growth, the property loses value as well. Overgrown hedges or trees forgotten over years can depreciate a home’s value by tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most general law firms are not sufficiently experienced in this legal area to navigate such cases well.

CFP ViewLawtm is solely focused on this very specialized area of real estate law. Our attorneys will help you protect and recover your lost view, often without the need to go to court. We bring years of experience and a deep knowledge of municipal codes, mediation processes and litigation procedures to view restoration cases all over California, from the coast to scenic inland properties such as the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Tahoe and Mt. Shasta.

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